Monthly Programs

Program Summary:

We believe that a moving body is a healthy body. Moving your body not only improves your physical health, but exercise also improves brain function, structure and connectivity. SMILE Mass will offer alternatives in each of our classes to meet each client at their current level while working with them to grow stronger and more confident.


Our Monthly Program consists of hybrid classes to stimulate our clients both mentally and physically. SMILE Mass will do an intake to ensure each client has the appropriate equipment to participate in our many classes. All adapted equipment (gym, bike, etc) are on loan to the client while part of the program. This ensures appropriate support and safety for each client. Hybrid-model classes will take place in Sudbury or East Bridgewater.

Our monthly hybrid classes include:

* Music
* Story time
* Functional semi-private movement classes or private in-home functional movement and exercise
* Bingo
* Biking – to begin during school vacation. Bike evaluations will be done by a Physical Therapist

All classes are run by certified staff.

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beach wheelchair in use from Smile Masssmile mass adapted gym
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
“What I would do to have a vacation with all the amenities for my son without the burden of lifting him and his chair into and out of places. He is very active and so anywhere we go, we have to pre-plan as you probably know. I am so very excited to hear about this project. Please send me any information available. Thank you for thinking outside of the box, you are truly an angel.”
Thank you. Barbara