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Small Miracles in Life Exist (SMILE Mass) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping families raising children or adults with disabilities enjoy happy, healthy memories through vacation and recreation experiences.

Our mission is to create a day trip, a vacation opportunity or recreational experiences without barriers, not only in our smaller communities throughout Massachusetts, but throughout New England.

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Upcoming SMILE Mass Events:

May 22, 2021

Family fun for the week of May 17th thru May 21st

Join SMILE Mass for multiple online activities while we practice social distancing as we stay-at-home.

Beginning this week, we have classes offered as either drop-in or as 8-week sessions One flat fee will get you ALL of the kids drop-in activities for the week. The minimum fee is $5. The suggested donation to participate in ALL of these classes is $25. Email us at if you need assistance with the minimum fee.
The 8-week session fee is $200 and includes ALL the 8-week session classes AND the drop-in classes.

Click here to sign up for drop in kids events

Click here to sign up for the 8-week session which includes all the drop in classes

This weeks schedule:


Monday – May 17
4:30pm Music with Mister Vic (drop in)
6:45PM Big Joe the Storyteller (drop in)

Tuesday – May 18
5:00pm Workout with Coach Liza (8 week session)

Wednesday – May 19
4:30pm Music with Mister Vic (drop in)
6:45pm Big Joe the Storyteller (drop in)

Thursday – May 20
4:00pm Let’s play BINGO! (drop in)
5:00pm Book Club with Big Joe (8 week session)

Friday – May 21
4:30pm Music with Mister Vic (8 week session)
6:45pm Big Joe the Storyteller (drop in)

Click here to sign up for drop in kids events

Click here to sign up for the 8-week session which includes all the drop in classes

Dec 31, 2021

Volunteer with SMILE Mass

At SMILE Mass, we are always looking for volunteers for various projects: help delivering adapted equipment, helping out at road races, joining our running team, assisting individuals with different abilities participate in a road races (could be pushing someone in a running chair or walking with someone to keep them on course), occasional help with data entry, hosting a lemonade stand, and so much more. New ideas are always welcome.

To volunteer with SMILE Mass, please fill out the form found at

Dec 31, 2021

Hearts for Healthcare Workers Yard Signs

SMILE Mass is selling lawn signs to show our healthcare workers on the front lines that we appreciate all they do. In order to support the wider community, SMILE Mass is donating 25% of the proceeds to local food pantries AND 25% of the proceeds to the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Please join us to support the most vulnerable members of our community at this time!

Purchase your sign today!

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:

Help SMILE Mass, Join Our Fundraising Efforts!

“SMILE Mass offered the Ocean Park, Maine community with a beach wheelchair in 2017. IT was used all summer long and people loved the freedom it gave them to see and experience the beach. This donation is a way for us to continue to say thanks. Your work is very important!”
Gerard Gosselin
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