In The News

  August 6, 2019
SMILE Donates Beach Wheelchairs in Connecticut

  July 30, 2019
SMILE Donates Beach Wheelchairs in Andover MA
 June 7, 2019
SMILE Mass Awarded $100,000
   July 1, 2018
Truro rental offers hope for beachgoers with disabilities
   May 2, 2018
5 New England vacation Ideas for families with special needs
 sea coast online  July 6, 2017
Floating wheelchairs donated to Hampton Beach
   July 6, 2017
Beach Wheelchairs for Disabled Being Donated to State
   July 6, 2017
Beach wheelchairs for disabled being donated to Hampton Beach
   June 19, 2017
Nonprofit gives town of Wells a floating wheelchair for disabled beach visitors
   June 19, 2017
Special wheelchair helps people with disabilities enjoy the water
   June 19, 2017
Floating wheelchair helps people with disabilities enjoy Maine’s beaches
   June 8, 2017
Floating Wheelchairs Aid Beach Access
   June 7, 2017
Donation of five floating wheelchairs ensures greater beach accessibility
   August 3, 2016
Sun and smiles for every family
   January 1, 2016
Sudbury non-profit looking for runners for the Copenhagen Marathon
   July 11, 2015
Accessible programs at state parks provide fun for all
   July 2, 2015
‘A new freedom’ at the beach with Mobi-chairs
   June 23, 2014
Mobi-chairs a lifeline for disabled beachgoers
   Fall/Winter 2013
Small Miracles in Life Exist
   September 29, 2012
The Amazing Race – SMILE Mass Comes to the North End
   June 28, 2012
Watch Lotte talk about Nicholas, Smile Mass, and the Beach Chair Project
   June 25, 2012
Chairs aid Cape beach access
   April 06, 2012
Beach wheelchairs get a big boost
   June 14, 2012
Sudbury non-profit donates floating wheelchairs to Cape Cod beaches
   November, 2011
Moms Rock! Lotte Diomede of Sudbury
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
“What I would do to have a vacation with all the amenities for my son without the burden of lifting him and his chair into and out of places. He is very active and so anywhere we go, we have to pre-plan as you probably know. I am so very excited to hear about this project. Please send me any information available. Thank you for thinking outside of the box, you are truly an angel.”
Thank you. Barbara
At SMILE Mass, we are actively working on ways we can make a positive impact on the community during the COVID-19 crisis.  There are several ways for you to join us as we all work together to make our communities stronger:
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