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Making the most of unexpected family time

It is hard to believe, and it almost seems surreal, but there is no doubt that the COVID-19 virus has devastated the country. We are all sacrificing and making the necessary changes to keep our families and our communities safe and healthy. Most, if not all, of our kids are home, nursing homes are closed to visitors, hospitals are limited and all public spaces are closing or already closed. The new normal is to have your classes presented on line. For the kids in college whom are about to graduate, families are waiting to see what the plans may be. For kids like my son Nicholas and many of his friend’s life as they know it has stopped. Many parents at home are working on overdrive trying to work from home while also caring for some of our most critical members in the community.
You have supported SMILE Mass for years. It is our time to take care of you. If you own a business, we are hoping you will provide us with your updated business practices, so you can continue to do business a usual. We will share that information via social media and our database so that our local communities can continue to support the small businesses that make our cities and towns so special.
You should also know that SMILE Mass has set up a local helping hands site (SEE MORE INFORMATION BELOW) where families can request help to pick up food, do a grocery run, a pharmacy stop or perhaps drop flowers at a nursing home and so much more.
Our goal is to keep the communities as healthy and safe as possible while getting everyone what they need, your services. There is power in people and community, should you have any ideas or suggestions to reach the community in any other ways we want to know. On behalf of the SMILE Mass Team, we welcome any ideas or questions.
Lotte, Susan and the entire SMILE Mass Team

Lotsa Helping Hands

SMILE Mass has created this community so we can help our most vulnerable neighbors get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please sign up here if you are willing to run errands, pick up groceries and/or medications for those who are elderly or have compromised immune systems and should not be out in public themselves.
If you would like to make a donation to help purchase groceries or a warm meal, please do so at https://smilemass.giv.sh/2dc9


SMILE Mass is here to help provide you with some relief during COVID-19 crisis. If you are in need due to, a health concern (compromised immune system), accident, high-risk age group, recent surgery, etc. Our network of volunteers may be able to provide temporary, non-monetary assistance with some of your day-to-day needs.
If you need help, email us at info@smilemass.org


Upcoming SMILE Mass Events:

Jun 06, 2020

Family fun for the week of June 1 thru June 5

Join SMILE Mass for multiple online activities while we practice social distancing as we stay-at-home.

One flat fee will get you ALL of the kids activities for the week. The minimum fee is $5. The suggested donation to participate in ALL of these classes is $25. Email us at info@smilemass.org if you need assistance with the minimum fee.

Click here to sign up for kids events

This weeks schedule (check back often for additions):

Monday – June 1
9:00am Take 15 minutes with Lotte (scavenger hunt)
9:15am Art with Miss Jen (fireworks)
10:00am Big Joe the Storyteller
4:00pm Music with Mister Vic
6:45pm Big Joe the Storyteller

Tuesday – June 2
9:00am Fun with Miss Jackie (weaving)
10:00am Ed Morgan a.k.a. The Music Man
3:00pm Dance Party for Everyone
8:30pm Support group for all parents – NO PAYMENT REQUIRED – join us at https://zoom.us/j/4202296881

Wednesday – June 3
9:00am Fun with Miss Jackie (hats)
10:00am Big Joe the Storyteller
4:00pm Music with Mister Vic
6:45pm Big Joe the Storyteller

Thursday – June 4
9:00am Fun with Miss Jackie (boats)
10:00am Ed Morgan a.k.a. The Music Man
3:00pm Dance Party for Everyone

Friday – June 5
9:00am Take 15 minutes with Lotte (scavenger hunt)
10:00am Big Joe the Storyteller – NOTE TIME IS 10:00
4:00pm Music with Mister Vic
6:45pm Big Joe the Storyteller

Click here to sign up for kids events

Jun 30, 2020

Hearts for Healthcare Workers Yard Signs

SMILE Mass is selling lawn signs to show our healthcare workers on the front lines that we appreciate all they do. In order to support the wider community, SMILE Mass is donating 25% of the proceeds to local food pantries AND 25% of the proceeds to the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Please join us to support the most vulnerable members of our community at this time!

Purchase your sign today!

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
“This organization is doing so much for so many families. I used their beach chair loaner program to get down to the beach with my family for the first time in over a decade. I didn’t really realize how much I missed spending time "strolling" at low tide and swimming in the ocean.  There aren’t enough words of gratitude to express how this organization has changed my life.”
Deb Fowler via Facebook
At SMILE Mass, we are actively working on ways we can make a positive impact on the community during the COVID-19 crisis.  There are several ways for you to join us as we all work together to make our communities stronger:
  • Volunteer
  • Ask for help
  • Play trivia
  • Join our virtual activities
  • Support the local businesses who have new policies in place - View Our Helpful Link