SMILE Mass 4x4x4 Run

As the world opens up again, SMILE Mass remembers that inclusion still matters.

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be hosting a socially distant run to raise funds for safe and enriching outdoor recreation for people with disabilities. Participants will run four miles a day for four days a week over the course of four weeks. SIGN UP TODAY

In the disabled community, isolation is something that is often too familiar. The outside world is not inclusive, not accessible, and is not understanding of the inherent challenges that having a disability brings. However, disability is NOT synonymous with inability.

Waypoint Adventure and SMILE Mass work to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities to fulfill the vision that all people, regardless of ability, will have opportunities for adventure, and through them realize their personal value.

Run with us today and commit to making life post-quarantine accessible for everyone! Participants must pay or raise a minimum of $25 to participate.

Pledge to support the runners who join us in our mission to get everybody active while still maintaining social distance.

Join SMILE Mass as our team of 4x4x4 runners take on the challenge of running 4 mile per day – 4 days per week – 4 weeks (during the months of June/July 2020).

Proceeds from this event will help set up outdoor recreation on private property (to control the number of visitors at one time) that will allow individuals of ALL abilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor recreation.

A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to, and

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
“What a wonderful cause and I would be proud to donate! I had a cousin who was two weeks older than I who died of MS in 2002, and we always were inseparable at the beach at Ocean Park when growing up. When she got so bad and was confined to a wheelchair, her family would bring her to a rental in Kinney Shores but there was no way to get her near the beach or ocean. To think of so many children who are missing out on the beach experience is heartbreaking. We’ll donate online and wish you the best!”
Love, Ellen & Steve